Our Mission

To unite University of Nebraska alumni members, fans and general supporters of the great state of Nebraska throughout the greater Louisville area.


Our Creed:

There is no place like Nebraska. What else?


Our Favorite Food:

Corn on the cob, Omaha Steaks, and Runzas.

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Who are the Kentuckiana Huskers?

The Kentuckiana Huskers is your local chapter of the University of Nebraska Alumni Association. We are a non-profit organization with memership dues that fund our activities and events. We pride ourselves on being affiliated with Nebraska, whether by birth right, by education, by sports interests, by aspiration, or by golly.


Join the Kentuckiana Huskers!

Welcome to the Kentuckiana Huskers! We're excited about your interest in joining our chapter. As a new member, you will receive the Corn Courier newsletter and will be welcome to participate in our watch parties and other events.

Download 2015-2016 Membership Application
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2013/2014 Board of Directors

Current President
Dan Koleski

Vice President
Kevin Popp

Mark Evans

At Large Board Member
Mike Zahradnicek

At Large Board Member
Lisa Zahradnicek

At Large Board Member
Billy Perez

At Large Board Member
Kevin Popp

At Large Board Member
Gloria Wenz

At Large Board Member
Chris Moorhead